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About me

My name is Marian Sanz. I am a Graphic designer and a fashion illustrator. And, at all times, I am the mother of my 3 adventurous and brave children and spouse to my partner in crime ... and in the arts and world travels. 


Argentine by birth, I have a multicultural heart that beats at the rhythm of the many countries I have had the fortune to live in. Be it Houston, Buenos Aires, Perú, Panama or Madrid, I enjoyed every minute of those wonderful cities that I got to know well and enjoy thoroughly. 


The minute I set foot in a new destination, I set my goals: to feel the pulse of the city, to embrace every corner by going into every stores that appears on my way. From flower stalls and paper shops to fashion boutiques and art galleries and every marketplace, bakery and bistro in between I am there! I touch the fabrics, I smell the scents, I taste the flavours, I meet the owner, I keep their business cards, I search the web, I seize the day!! 

Anything that catches my attention I will take in with enough objectivity to decide whether it is “keeper” to share with friends.  Because meeting and spending quality time with good friends from the new city is what has made my world even bigger and more enjoyable. It is through my new local friends that I learn the customs, traditions and culture of the place. 

At all times and places, I see colours, textures, shapes that begin to pour into my art.

Painting and digital illustration are my passion and the language that I have chosen to say who I am and who I have become thanks the new cultures I meet. 

This is how  popntopmad was born. The pulse of so cities around the world constantly tunes in the beat of my own heart and the stroke of my passion to become Fashion pop art. Come, let me show you what is trendy, chic, cheeky and smart on the streets today in a different and irreverent way. Come and become popntopmad. I will show you the way!


Thanks to my friend @agustocalli for helping me with the words.

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